Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have seen both Dr. Kim and Dr. Brandon for my chiropractic needs and highly recommend both.

I saw Dr. Kim during and after my last pregnancy and can honestly say I would not have made it through without her.

She also started adjusting our son when he was just hours old. Due to complications from his birth his right arm had severe nerve damage leaving him unable to use it. The pediatrician let us know it would heal, but would take several months and a lot of physical therapy. Due to Dr. Kim's care he regained full use of his arm in 6 weeks and has no residual effects. He is now 5 years old and has a strong right arm, to our surprise he is right hand dominant.

Dr. Brandon has treated me consistently for the last 2 years. I have had several issues with injuring my back due to improper lifting and because I am really klutzy. Dr. Brandon always knows exactly what to do and gets me back to normal quickly."

- Sally

"Over the summer of 2015, I did much more than my usual share of sewing and crafting. Although I am right-handed, this increase in activity resulted in a lot of swelling and pain in my left thumb. It got to the point where I could barely move my thumb, and to even try to do so caused a lot of discomfort. My primary physician recommended physical therapy, which did give some temporary relief. After the therapy ended, the pain kept returning, even with the follow-up exercises. It wasn't until I spoke with Dr. Fletcher in early 2016 that I learned about the Graston Technique. This technique works the soft tissue by breaking down the scar tissue, allowing it to heal properly. After only a couple of months of this treatment, my left thumb has already shown a marked improvement. I am confident that the continued follow-up treatments will keep my thumb mobile and pain-free."

- Susan L.

"Drs Kim and Brandon are extremely compassionate, knowledgeable and empathic caregivers. They approach chiropractic adjustment as one portion of wholistic health. From pregnancy to birth, new born to now growing athletic boys both doctors have given us the best care we could ask for. They listen and try to help solve problems. The doctors are truly fantastic they help you and your family reach your health goals while taking a look at the whole picture (from lifestyle to nutrition and beyond) and providing the resources or referrals you may need along the way! Can't say enough good things about this office. "

- Therese P.

"Shortly after I registered for my first Ironman triathlon I began having pain in my heels and calves every time I ran. I took a month off from running and saw a podiatrist who told me to rest yet another month. After seeing Dr. Brandon and having the Graston Technique done on my calves and feet, the pain went away. I regularly have Graston done to prevent any future issues.

The thing I appreciated most from Dr. Brandon was his understanding that I was an athlete in training. He never told me to rest and stop training for Ironman. He worked with me, showing me different stretches and exercises to do so I could continue to train."

- Becca

“I just want to thank you for all you have done to help our kids and myself. Your advice was invaluable. In the midst of feeling like a complete failure being unable to breastfeed longer than 6 weeks, you mentioned..."you can only give what you are given." Little did you know, that single phrase helped me through. You are truly an inspiration to me and many others I am sure!”

- Kim B.


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