Birth Trauma in Lake Forest

Pregnant Woman cared for by chiropractors in Lake Forest IL

Even in a natural, low-intervention birth, excessive force can be put into the neck causing trauma to the spine and the surrounding tissues. Many of these traumas go untreated and do not manifest symptoms until later in life. Birth trauma in Lake Forest can be significant in deliveries that included interventions such as forceps, vacuum extraction, Pitocin, membrane rupture, epidural and Caesarian section. While these procedures are sometimes necessary and lifesaving, the mainstream use can cause severe damage to a developing spine and nervous system.

Overcoming Birth Trauma in Lake Forest

The chiropractors at Envision Health Clinic in Lake Forest are extensively trained to detect the presence of injury to the spine. Using gentle and safe adjusting techniques many injuries can be resolved while your child’s is still developing. Chiropractic adjustments for babies are so gentle many babies sleep right through them! For more information on this important topic, please feel free to contact us at Envision Health Clinic today.


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